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Food Safety Success


Food Safety Success! Tips and tools to use GAPs and FSMA for growing safe food, strengthening your farm, and entering new markets.

Ready to have food safety be a key to success?  The GA Small Farm Food Safety Campaign, supported by USDA-NIFA, is offering free workshops around the state to give produce farmers the opportunity to learn new food safety concepts and teach what they do to strengthen their and other farmers operations. These workshops are unique because of the campaign’s partnerships with the host farmers for each workshop, demonstrating that farmers are the centerpiece of a fair, safe, and strong food system.

Workshops will provide hands-on experiences such as water testing, employee training, GAP Audit readiness, soil testing, compost creation, infrastructure solutions, and selling wholesale. Each experience will be paired with free templates to help for successfully passing an audit or inspection and gaining a better understanding of your farm, from seed to sales. And, since you can’t feed others if you don’t free yourself, there’s always free lunch for participants.

Contact Billy Mitchell for any questions:

  1. Water and Employee Training Workshops
  1. Soil, Compost and GAP Readiness Workshops

       3. Infrastructure, Tools, and GAP Readiness Workshops     Registration Links Coming Soon!!!



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