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Georgia Organics and Sevananda Present #COOPCONNECT

Georgia Organics Farmer Services Coordinator Tenisio Seanima and Sevananda General Manager Ahzjah Simons (photo credit: Tenisio Seanima)

Atlanta’s longest-standing, natural-foods cooperative Sevananda  recently joined forces with Georgia Organics to create an education series titled #COOPCONNECT.  #COOPCONNECT’s aims to increase the economic performance of retailers such as Sevananda in their distribution of local food and other Georgia-produced retail items.

Facilitated by Georgia Organics Farmer Services Coordinator Tenisio Seanima, and Sevananda’s General Manager Ahzjah Simons, #COOPCONNECT provides education to not only the consumer public but also product producers such as farmers and value-added developers on subjects pertaining to local-food production, wholesale and retail readiness, cooperative marketing, and food safety.

On Jan. 28, Tenisio and Georgia Organics Farmer Services Director Michael Wall conducted a #COOPCONNECT presentation about food certification labels at Sevananda. Tenisio and Michael discussed how food labels such as “USDA Certified Organic”, “Non-GMO Project Verified”, and “Certified Naturally Grown”  can impact local food production and retail value. They also demystified  several common myths regarding these labels.

Event attendees included Sevananda members, shoppers, stakeholders, and staff.

Sevananda and Georgia Organics are currently preparing for the next edition of #COOPCONNECT, so stay tuned for further details about the date, time, and subject matter for the forthcoming session. Contact Tenisio Seanima at if you have any questions about upcoming or past events.

#COOPCONNECT attendees and Tenisio Seanima (photo credit:  Michael Wall)

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