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Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival Chef Spotlight: Chef Ford Fry

The Attack of the Killer Tomato festival is July 15. Be part of the community of supporters of organic farms and good food for all.

We will be highlighting a number of ATKF chefs in the coming weeks. In our first installment we are highlighting chef and restaurateur Ford Fry. Stay tuned to the The Daily Dirt blog for upcoming chef spotlights!

What’s your favorite variety of tomato? 

I love black krim tomatoes! Reddish, black and juicy.

What’s your best tomato memory? 

As a kid, one of the first things I taught myself to cook was a BLT sandwich. Over time, I started playing with crossing a grilled cheese with a BLT. My go-to was toasted white bread, too much mayonnaise and sharp cheddar, topped with individually salted and freshly peppered, thick-sliced tomatoes and then broiled it. I then topped both sides with peppered bacon.

What’s your favorite recipe that spotlights the tomato? 

Honestly the best tomato recipe is not mine. It’s Mike Lata’s (of FIG in Charleston) tomato tart with fromage blanc. Fantastic!


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