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The Attack of the Killer Tomato festival is July 15. Be part of the community of supporters of organic farms and good food for all.

We will be highlighting a number of ATKF chefs in the coming weeks. In our second installment we are highlighting  Gunshow Cocktail Director, Mercedes O’Brien. Stay tuned to the The Daily Dirt blog for upcoming chef spotlights!

What’s your favorite variety of tomato?

For everyday use, I work with Sun Gold tomatoes. If we’re talking baller status, then I use Green Zebra tomatoes.

What’s your best tomato memory? 

My best tomato memory is one that I’m sure many of us share. I don’t think I’ve even held a tomato until I was eight while visiting my grandparent’s garden in Idaho. With salt and pepper in hand, my grandpa picked a tomato right off the vine, seasoned it lovingly and passed it to me. That first bite is forever seared in my sensory memory, down to the warmth of the sun coming off it.

What’s your favorite recipe that spotlights the tomato?

At Gunshow, we always have a seasonal tonic on the menu, which highlights our relationship with the farmers and growers around us. However, our summer tonic is the star of the year with Sun Gold vodka, corn and lemon tonic, basil genepy, malic, seltzer and holy basil.

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