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Join us in welcoming our brand new farm to school intern Blythe Coleman-Mumford. You can contact her by email at

Tell me more about what you’re studying at school?

I graduated from Smith College in Northampton, MA a year ago with a Bachelor of Arts degree in environmental science and policy, with a concentration in sustainable foods.

What/What inspired you to intern at Georgia Organics?

I have been especially in love with the Atlanta area ever since my internship with Truly Living Well’s Collegetown farm two years ago! I knew I wanted to come back ever since. With a history of doing school gardening and other food justice work and organizing, Georgia Organics seemed like a wonderful fit for me. Working with Georgia Organics allows me to keep pursuing the kind of interdisciplinary gardening and farming work and curriculum building I know is critical to expanding the influence of sustainable and organic growing operations locally and nationally.

What do you hope to accomplish at Georgia Organics?

I hope to learn more about what Georgia public schools are doing to expand their farm to school programs. I also want to learn how to better introduce healthy food options to diverse K-12 audiences.

What is your spirit vegetable?

Even though chard is not my favorite green, I believe it does connect to a certain spirit inside myself.  The colorful exterior and complex and sometimes bitter taste and versatile nature of the plant is very much relatable to me.

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