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The Georgia Organics team spent an exciting back to school season, skill building with school nutrition professionals in 11 Georgia school districts. I joined Farm to School Manager Abbie King to lead “Farm to School for Cafeteria Managers” in Oconee, Glascock and Warren Counties during July.

Together, along with over 170 Farm to School Champions from these and surrounding counties, we assessed Farm to School programs, set Farm to School Program goals for the 2018/2019 school year and practiced knife skills on fresh, Georgia Grown Produce. We prepared delicious foods, and participants worked in teams to plan taste tests, local foods promotions and other hands-on food education activities in their districts. After spending the focusing on Farm to School, attendees shared ideas on how they would apply what they learned to enhance current initiatives in their districts.

We were excited to hear that many school nutrition professionals are anxious to use garden grown produce in school meals programs and especially jazzed to learn of the enthusiasm to partner with classroom teachers on nutrition education efforts. We know that the intersection of cafeteria, classroom and community is the sweet spot of a sustainable farm to school program.

Abbie and I both say all the time, “School Nutrition trainings are the most fun we have at work!” We love visiting folks who are working the front lines with students. They teach us so much about what successful Farm to School programs look like, and help us understand what kind of resources and training might add turbo boosters to their Farm to School rocket ships.

If you think your school nutrition managers would benefit from a Georgia Organics Farm to School training, please reach out to Abbie or I to discuss. We’d love to learn from you!

Farm to School Manager Abbie King coached Oconee County School Nutrition managers on marketing and promoting their fresh, locally grown foods.

Glascock and Richmond County School Nutrition Professionals practiced knife skills and prepared lunch with recipes featuring Georgia Grown produce.






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