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Our Farmers Need You

By Jeff Romig

Farmers and Mother Nature have been business partners forever.

Most days, they get along just fine. But like any partnership, some days can be disastrous.

Last week, Hurricane Michael created this situation for countless Georgia farms, including Lola’s Organic Farm, whose shredded hoop house is shown above.

A new farm every day reports more damage.

Roofs. Sheds. Livestock. Barns.

Widespread devastation from state line to state line across Georgia will cost an estimated $2 billion to Georgia’s agriculture industry.

This is why The Farmer Fund was created in 2015, and why Georgia Organics was excited to take over operations of the fund earlier this year and provide direct financial assistance for farmers suffering losses from hurricanes, tornadoes and floods.

Now, we need your help.

Thanks to the generosity of Cascadia Farms, we’re working to raise $10,000 to match their $10,000 pledge to support Georgia Organics farm members impacted by Hurricane Michael.

In addition to Lola’s, farms hit hard in Georgia Organics network include Atlanta Harvest, White Oak Pastures, Clark Farm & Produce and others.  In conversations with several of our member farmers, the loss is overwhelming and emotional.  This is their land, their business and their heritage.  They have lost crops and animals, critical infrastructure like chicken tractors and hoop houses as well as trees and equipment.

If you want to help these farmers get back to their regular partnership with Mother Nature, please contribute $25, $50, $100 or an amount meaningful to you here.

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