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Our Kale Garden: 2018 October Farm to School Month

For the 2018 October Farm to School Month campaign, Kickin’ it with Kale, students at McIntosh Trail Early Childhood Development Council enjoyed kale during a special “Kale Week.” Early Head Start Teacher, Kimberly Spear, shares some of her students’ experiences: To kick off kale week, we read the book The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. To get the children excited about planting their own kale garden.

After reading our book we began to plant our individual kale garden. What is so creative about our kale garden is that we didn’t use a planter we recycled apple sauce cups and planted our kale seeds inside the cup. First, we added the planting soil to the cups. Then we added our kale seeds to the cup, and then we put more planting soil on top of it. Next, we added water to the little garden cup so that our plants will grow. Then we sat them by the sun to get some of that good ole sunlight so that our kale plants will grow. Every day we water our plants. The children be so excited to come to school to water their plant.

They also are very amused as they watch them grown every day. We currently have some kale seeds that have started sprouting out of the garden cups. We will be sending the plants home so the children can show their parents how they have been taking care of their own plant for 2 weeks.


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