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Supporting Farmers Through Direct Service

By Jeff Romig

Farmer prosperity is an elusive idea with many variables.

But, working to help our farmers achieve prosperity is at the core of Georgia Organics’ daily work. In turn, our Farmer Services team is working to offer individualized, direct support like never before.

Organic farmers must prosper to make organic food accessible to all Georgians. Only then can we realize the potential of locally grown, organic food to heal our soil, protect our waterways, transform our health, and uplift our most vulnerable communities.

To achieve this vision of good food for all, farmers must be our focus. Improving the livelihoods of organic farmers by helping them build sustainable businesses and farms is paramount.

“We can’t do everything,” said Michael Wall, Georgia Organics’ Director of Farmer Services. “But, we can help with planning, paperwork, accessing markets, connecting with other farmers and to the larger good food community.”

Despite their hard work and training, farmers continue to struggle to scale or run successful operations. This is no different from a typical American small business, but their work has an added layer of physical toil, climate vulnerability, and public service benefit. Most agricultural resources in the U.S. are siphoned away by the global agricultural industry leaving organic farming treading in its wake.

Georgia Organics has helped many farms thrive, but many more need assistance.

Fully funding our Farmer Services program on an annual basis allows our team members to serve as case managers for the needs of existing and future organic farmers, identifying which aspects of the farm operations needs attention and matching the farmers with the resources and/or the state’s top experts in that field.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing in-depth stories about the various services our Farmer Services team provides to Georgia Organics’ farmer members. At present, in addition to general business support, Georgia Organics provides cost share, mentoring, and technical guidance to help farmers through the process of becoming certified organic; health care support through the Kaiser Bridge program; disaster relief support through the Farmer Fund; as well as market expansion support.

Farmers who aim to farm organically are the key to fixing our food system. But, they can’t do it alone.

Georgia Organics has their backs. We hope you will too.

From now through the end of December, we’ll be writing about and spotlighting our farmers and the work of our farmer services team. We hope you keep reading, and to invest in our farmer services efforts please click here to contribute $100, $50, $25 or any amount that’s meaningful to you.

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