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Behind the Conference: Becky Griffin

Becky Griffin, Community and School Garden Coordinator for Extension Services, in the Healthy Life Community Garden in Griffin, GA. Photo by Dorothy Kozlowski

Becky Griffin is the Community & School Garden Coordinator at the University of Georgia Extension. She will be speaking at theProtecting Pollinators with Kids Saturday Farm to School track session.

What role do you play in the local, organic food movement?

I work with UGA Extension agents and their clients to create successful and sustainable community and school gardens.  My first work in a school garden was during the 1990s and I knew the value of those gardens even then.  I lead workshops, agent trainings and create educational publications.  I am part of the Georgia Farm to School Alliance and serve on Food Well Alliance’s  Community Garden Working Group.  I am also a certified Georgia beekeeper and enjoy educating about all types of bees.  Finally, I enjoy growing food!  As my two daughters were growing up it wasn’t unusual to see them pick a carrot out of the ground while playing outside and eat it bugs bunny style!

Why are you excited to present your topic? What are some key takeaways attendees will get from your session?

I am very excited to present my topic at the 2019 GO Conference.  I spend a lot of time in community and school gardens across the state and I often find there is a disconnect with gardeners and garden insects.  There are more types of beneficial insects in the garden then there are pests but it takes effort to learn about them and to attract them to our gardens.  My hope is that at the end of the workshop educators will be equipped to change the students who say “yuck that is a bug” to “look at the eyes on that bee!”.   Educators will also have all the tools they need to participate with their students in the Great Georgia Pollinator Census which will take place in August 2019.  This citizen science project will document a snapshot of our pollinator population.   The initiative is designed so that every citizen can easily participate, including students.

What are you looking forward too at the Georgia Organics conference?

I always enjoy catching up with other gardeners and seeing what is going on in the state. 

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