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Meet Lauren Wood. Lauren comes to us with a host of diverse experiences. Most recently, she coordinated farmers markets throughout Atlanta. Lauren is supporting Community Outreach Manager, Suzanne Girdner with Georgia Organics’ Georgia Food Oasis program in the newly minted Community Outreach Coordinator role.

  1. What was your previous job?

My previous job was Fresh MARTA Market (FMM) coordinator with Organix Matters. I managed logistics for five weekly farmstands hosted in MARTA stations across the city. That experience was my introduction to food systems work, and I learned a great deal about the importance of local food systems and how self-determining local food economies can reconnect us to the land, create thriving, resilient communities and help heal our environment.

  1. Who/What inspired you to do the work you are doing for Georgia Organics?

I was inspired to get more deeply involved in food systems work through the people I met while working with the FMM. Growers, chefs, customers of the market, community leaders, etc., all taught me so much and helped me realize how I wanted to be more deeply involved in empowering communities to create sustainable local food systems and helping to positively impact people’s relationship with fresh food.

  1. What do you hope to accomplish at Georgia Organics?

I hope to expand the Georgia Food Oasis Network to every corner of the state and help elevate the important work being done in communities all over Georgia. The good food movement is growing not only here in Georgia but across the country, and Georgia Organics is absolutely a leader in that movement. I want to bring my talent and passion to the table and lend my efforts to the mission of providing good food for all.

  1. What is your spirit fruit?

My spirit fruit would probably be a pomegranate, because I have a hard exterior but once opened up I’m super sweet and good for your health.

 You can contact Lauren Wood, Community Outreach Coordinator by email at or phone (404) 481-5003.

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