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Allow us To Reintroduce You To Kimberly Koogler, Farm to School Coordinator

Kimberly Koogler is a farmer and a long-time member of the Georgia Organics team. We are happy to welcome her to the Georgia Organics staff in a full-time role!

What was your previous job?

I was the CSA Manager and Market Person at Cosmos Farm and the part-time Farm to School Assistant here at Georgia Organics.

Who/What inspired you to do the work you are doing here?

The big industrial food system that feeds us is not sustainable and it makes us sick. The best food you can eat is the food that you grow for yourself or that you buy from a farmer you know, can talk to on the phone, or look at in the face. I want to see our food system change for the better. I’d like to see it be environmentally sustainable, good for human health, and based on local, sustainable sources. I think good food should be accessible to all, and that the growers of it should be fairly compensated for the hard work they do and struggles they endure. All of these things inspire me to do the work that I do. The sooner young people learn about good food, where the best food comes from, who’s growing it and how to grow it, and why it’s important to eat good food, the better off everyone will be in the future. Plus, we should be feeding them food that is good for their health, not detrimental to it!

What do you hope to accomplish at Georgia Organics?

Support and promote education about good food 

What is your spirit vegetable or fruit?

Sweet potatoes

You can contact Kimberly Koogler by email at

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