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Behind the Conference: Dennis Martin

My name is Dennis Martin.  I spent the first 20 years of my life trying to get off the farm and the next 30 trying to get back on.  I finally made it when I purchased 15 acres in the country.  I call my farm:  Martin’s Back Acres “The Land of Fruits, Nuts, and Clucks”.  The Martin’s Back Acres came about quickly but The Land of Fruits, Nuts, and Clucks evolved slowly.

I have always enjoyed solving problems so my overall problem was to try to figure out how to make a small farm produce enough profit to support a family.  During my 30+ years in the “rat race” I had started 2 businesses in the computer industry so I brought that knowledge to farming.  I tried to find a “niche” in the marketplace that was “sustainable” both from an economical and environmental standpoint.

After much experimentation I have finally settled on Pecans, Strawberry & Blackberry Plants, and Chickens.  This also includes products related to each of these.  For instance, I needed chickens for the high nitrogen fertilizer for the pecan trees but chickens cost a lot of money to feed and house. In order to produce this money I included:

Chickens:  Eggs, Baby Chicks, Young Chickens, Young Laying Hens, and Young Roosters.

Pecans include: Pecans, Pecan trees, Pecan cracking & cleaning, and some other related products.

Strawberry & Blackberry Plants could include the fruits of these also.  I don’t currently provide the fruits for sale because I haven’t developed the marketplace.  In fact, I sell top quality chemical free plants to people who have developed and/or are close to a marketplace for these fruits.  Developing a marketplace is usually much more difficult (and time consuming) than producing a product.

As a “Problem Solver” I enjoy passing any knowledge I may have on to others who are younger, have a passion for growing things, and want to pursue this career.

Dennis Martin will speak during the Friday In-depth: Organic Blueberries, Pecans, and Peanuts with Al Clark  of Clark & Sons Organic.
Production, variety selection, and an understanding of the organic marketplace are essential in making your farm operation a success with these crops. Learn more about production, variety selection, and an understanding of the organic marketplace are essential in making your farm operation a success with these crops.


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