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Have you met Lauren Cox? Lauren brings several years of hands on farming and farm operation experience to the team. As the newly minted Organic Procurement Coordinator, Lauren will be leading our new farm to restaurant initiative.

What was your previous job?

Prior to joining GO, I farmed full time for seven years, first at the Glover Family Farm and then at Woodland Gardens in Athens.  Last year I joined Atlanta’s fruit gleaning non-profit, Concrete Jungle, to launch their PEEL program teaching kitchen skills and food education classes to partner soup kitchen and pantry clients. AND!! I also managed a rooftop garden in downtown Atlanta.

Who/What inspired you to do the work you are doing here?

When I was farming, the second greatest joy next to being in the field cutting flowers or harvesting veggies was getting together with other farmers to try to problem solve. There is so much community around shared experience and knowledge building. My inspiration is definitely Georgia’s good food community.

What do you hope to accomplish at Georgia Organics?

My hope is to give farmers the tools they need to improve their businesses and to help facilitate relationships with chefs. Looking towards the future when (hopefully!) we’ll have tons of new and mature farmers, I would like them to have as many places to move their product as possible so ultimately, their businesses are more resilient.

What is your spirit vegetable or fruit?

My spirit veg is definitely okra. There is so much history behind it and I’m all about the story behind our food. Also, it’s kind of like the underdog of veggies and who wouldn’t want to root for that.

 You can contact Lauren Cox by email at

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