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Photo Collection: Burgess Peterson Orchard Turns Ten

On April 13th, a group of educators, students, teachers, and community members celebrated the tenth birthday of the Burgess Peterson Academy orchard with a farm to school training for teachers followed by a birthday party for the orchard. 

Georgia Organics Farm to School educator Jenna Mobley instructs the teachers on how to teach children in an outdoor space. 


Jenna isn’t afraid to get silly! She teaches about incorporating different subjects into garden education and models an activity called “What would I see?”. She dons her fake beard and asks, “If I was a historian, what would I see in this garden?” She holds a set of antlers on her head. “If I was an animal, what would I see in this garden?” 



The garden was full of flowers, but Robby Astrove was the star bloom!



Robby was giddy as he reunited with the first tree he planted at Burgess Peterson, a native tree called a pawpaw. It was only knee-high when it was planted ten years ago!




A young neighbor of Burgess Peterson makes a birthday card for the orchard. 




This pawpaw is full of birthday cards for the orchard.



For its tenth birthday, Robby and the Burgess Peterson community gave the orchard a very special present–a new tree sibling to join the family! 

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