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Whole Foods Midtown: Open for Business

Whole Foods Market shoppers waited in long lines early Friday morning for free samples of featured products like Beyond Burgers and White Oak Pastures beef.

By Porter Mitchell

Whole Foods’ new flagship location, located in Midtown, is a behemoth of a grocery store spanning the entire block on the corner of 14th and Spring Streets. It’s a massive 70,000 square feet, and features multiple hot food stations, a coffee shop, a bar, and an enormous array of produce, meat, fish, breads, and dry goods.  

Whole Foods Midtown officially opened their doors to the public at 7 a.m. on Friday, April 5th, and the public was ready for them. At 7:05 the store was packed with people, slowly making their way around the dizzying array of organic produce, breads, pastries, and the seemingly endless aisles of well-stocked dry goods.  

“We both work across the street, so we’re so excited to have this store here, it’s so convenient to be able to stop by here on the way home.” said Tascha and Yvette standing near the gleaming fish counter. “I can get all three meals here, breakfast lunch and dinner–it’s great!” adds Tascha.  

“I’m a big fan of Whole Foods, so I wanted to be one of the first people to shop here,” explains LA Noel brightly, placing a bottle of pale pink cold-pressed juice in her cart. “I’m really happy to see all of the vegan options, especially grab-and-go vegan meals. It’s wonderful to see all of the plant-based options they have.”  

“We came for the opening day giveaways,” explain mother/daughter duo Julia and Erin, carefully surveying the white wine selection. “Unfortunately we didn’t win the big $100 gift card, but we’re still having a good time. This store is impressive!”  

Other people came to the opening to see the masses of people streaming in to the store to buy groceries before sunrise. “I go to Georgia State, so I live nearby. I came here to see all of the people lining up for the grand opening,” explained Evan, lingering by the “Veggie Butcher” station, a unique feature of this store which provides a veggie chopping service for shoppers.  

“This is the largest event response I think any Whole Foods has ever had,” notes Cheryl Galway, Whole Food’s Eastern US Senior Team Leader. “We had more than 4,000 people RSVP!” 

Interested in checking out the new Whole Foods flagship store for yourself? Head down to 14th and Spring St. Parking is free (enter garage on Spring Street) but limited. Whole Foods is open every day from 7 a.m.-10 p.m.  


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