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Catch up with Golden Radish!

What’s new with Golden Radish?  

By Myeisha Coggins, Kimberly Della Donna and Kimberly Koogler  

The Farm to School team is bouncing happily into Golden Radish season this spring. We are excited to welcome two new additions to the program. First, we are delighted to introduce you to our new intern, Myeisha Coggins.  


Hello I’m Myeisha! 

Last year, I graduated from Georgia State University with a B.S. in Nutrition Sciences. There are many things that I want to do and experience: research, curriculum development, program management, and dietetics. 

This is particularly why I am excited to intern with Georgia Organics. I get to participate in state-wide (and nation-wide) efforts to get school kids eating local and organic vegetables from local farms and, perhaps, out of their own school gardens. It is a unique organization that manages a unique nutrition intervention that involves the promotion of fruit and vegetable consumption while supporting local farmers and the local food economy. I am particularly interested in learning about how teachers incorporate F2S themes into their curriculum and how the program is organized and maintained throughout the year.  

When I first heard of Golden Radish, for some reason I assumed that it included a buffet of local, organic and potentially heirloom vegetables and grains. While I was wrong, the idea wasn’t too farfetched since there is local food served. The Golden Radish awards is actually a brilliant idea in my opinion: a fun way to encourage school nutrition directors and school staff to participate while making an impact that could last generations. 


Secondly, we are thrilled to introduce our new Golden Radish Award Application platform. We launched the application on April 15. So far we’ve heard very positive feedback on the improved form. Farm to School Superstar, Emily House in Gainesville told us “I love the new format!  It is a lot easier than keeping up with links, and I have not had any trouble picking up where I left off.” 

Farm to School Coordinator Kimberly Koogler is stoked about the new application for many reasons. First , no more save and return links! The application form auto-saves as you fill it out, and you don’t need a special link to get back into it! Also, nobody needs to worry about waiting to upload their supporting documents until they’re ready to submit, or sending in their documents separately, or losing all of their work!  

Georgia Organics Farm to School Director Kimberly Della Donna is especially excited that the new Golden Radish Award application allows for multiple collaborators in a district to contribute to one application. “We know that the best Farm to School programs involve the entire school community. While school nutrition staff is responsible for completing the application, classroom teachers, students and community members are often involved with Farm to School activities outside of school nutrition. This new application allows school nutrition staff to invite Farm to School champions in their district to enter information and upload supporting documentation to the application. I hope it will take the entire burden of the application off school nutrition staff and encourage even more collaborations with school nutrition departments.” 

The new application form has been such a big hit, even Winnie-the-Pooh is submitting a 2019 Golden Radish Award Application for The Hundred Acre Wood. 

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