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The USDA recently released several RFPs related to food access strategies. Technical assistance is available to members of the GFO Network should they decide to submit a proposal for any of the below funding opportunities.

  1. Community Food Projects: due June 3
  • Intended as a one-time infusion of funds to solidify a community food project that can then sustain itself. Uniquely these funds can be put toward capital improvements such as facilities restoration/adaption.
  • New Entry offers up to 5 hours of technical assistance. Sign-up for TA for applications here:
  • CFP Applicant Levels:
    • CFP Planning Grant: for 1 year with max request of $35K, must be wholly new project, not piloted previously.
    • CFP Implementation Grant: for up to 4 years, $125K max per year, not to exceed $400K total.
  1. Food and Agriculture Service Learning Projects: due July 9
  • Intended to help Farm to School initiatives expand or scale up programming over cluster of schools, district, or region for experienced F2S applicants.
  • Applicant webinar on June 4, 2pm Eastern.
  • Implementation Grant: up to 2 years, not to exceed $225K total.
  1. Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive Program or GusNIP (formerly Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive Program/FINI): due June 10
  • Intended to increase the purchase and consumption of fruits/veg for consumers enrolled in SNAP by providing point of purchase incentive(s) (doubling SNAP dollars at retail and farmers markets, CSAs, prescription programs).
  • Applicant webinar on May 15, 2pm Eastern.
  • GusNIP Applicant Levels: (strange acronyms, 5 levels of funding)
    • GusNIP Pilot Projects (FPP): up to 1 year, max $100K, has to be a first-time project/early stage initiative.
    • GusNIP Implementation Projects (FIP): up to 4 years, max $500K request, geared to assist in program development and evaluation (can be established initiative).
    • Large Scale (FLSP): up to 4 years, max $500K request, geared to assist multi-county, state-wide or regional incentive program.
    • Produce Prescriptions (PPR): up to 3 years, max $500K, geared to assist multi-county, state-wide or regional PPR that’s partnering with 1 or more healthcare partner(s).
    • Nutrition Incentive Training, Technical Assistance, Evaluation, and Information Centers (Centers): up to 4 years, TBD on individual requests $100-125K/year safe range. Geared to ‘centers’ that provide services to GusNIP grantees related to training, TA, and evaluation.
  1. Local Food Promotion Program: due June 18
  • Intended to support the development and expansion of local and regional food enterprises to increase consumption and access to local food, and to develop new market opportunities for farm operations serving local markets.
  • LFPP Planning Grant: 1 year, $25K-100K
  • LFPP Implementation Grant: up to 4 years, $100-500K
  1. Farmers Market Promotion Program: due June 18
  • Intended to support the development, coordination, and expansion of direct-producer-to consumer markets to help increase access and availability to locally and regionally produced agricultural products.
  • Farmers Market Coalition Advice and Guidance available.
  • Min $50K Max $500K, minimum 25% match required.
  • Food Policy Councils now eligible
  • Applicants can use up to $6,500 to upgrade equipment to improve food safety

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