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Rodale Institute Finds Southern Home at Many Fold Farm

Photo courtesy of Beginning Farmers

The Rodale Institute will open its first Southern outpost at Many Fold Farm in Chattahoochee Hills this fall. Rodale, based in Kutztown Pennsylvania, has pioneered organic and sustainable agriculture research since it first opened its doors in 1947.

Rebecca Williams, who operates Many Fold with her husband Ross, is thrilled to welcome Rodale to their 300 acre farm.

“This is an opportunity to carve a new way forward with agriculture,” explains Rebecca. “The South was left out of the organic movement that happened in places like California, Vermont, and Wisconsin. Rodale is a lightning rod for organic agriculture ideas, and can bring them to the Southeast where organics has been historically under supported.”

“Organic is not easy to grow in our hot humid conditions, and we have a lack of good successful models and of regionally relevant research,” notes Alice Rolls, Georgia Organics President. “We look forward to Rodale bringing its expertise to the South.”

Although Rodale will be a strong voice for Southeast organic growing in the future, Rebecca cautions against relying on any one entity.

“Rodale will be a beacon to bring other people to the table,” she says carefully, “but this movement will live or die by our partnerships. We can’t do it alone.”

Learn more about Rodale on their website.




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