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Meet our new Administrative Assistant Shanice Chesney

Shanice Chesney is a former Farm to School Intern and is now our lovely Administrative Assistant here at Georgia Organics.  Keep reading to learn more about her.

Tell us a little bit about your background?

In short, service and volunteerism. I’ve worked heavily in national service from Peace Corps to AmeriCorps. I’ve also trained volunteers to look at service differently and to combat toxic charity. Empowering a community and becoming an active citizen is what drives me. My educational background is in International Relations, Spanish and Urban Ecology. I’ve utilized my education to work as an advocate for refugee communities, environmental sustainability and to give marginalized communities a voice.

Why did you choose us? What will you be doing in your role at Georgia Organics?

I have had my eye on Georgia Organics since I first interned with the Farm to School team in Summer and Fall 2017. I like that even though people are finally opening their eyes to knowing so much more about their food, who raised/grew it, and what it does to their health — Georgia Organics has always positioned itself to be a leader that connects growers and eaters. My role is in Operations, so I get to do a little bit of everything really, anything from the mundane tasks of office management and writing/streamlining Standard Operating Procedures to the fun stuff like revamping our volunteer management program and creating an internship program. I’m excited about the idea of dipping my toes in the majority of the departments here in the office and growing while I support my coworkers!

What is your spirit vegetable?

It used to be a Red Beet because of the idea that whenever you interact with red beets, they leave a little bit of themselves on you (read: they leave a [positive] impression) but I think it might actually be a Chioggia Beet instead. Chioggia itself is a small sea port town in Venice, Italy so I love the idea that it’s related to travel, which I love to do, but also because its candy cane stripes are both unique and beautiful like myself.

How do you serve our community and what things should they reach out you for?

The best way I can describe how I serve my community is being a resource and catalyst for any projects and ideas they may have. As I revamp the volunteer program and grow an internship program, I encourage everyone to reach out with any questions they may have on becoming further involved with Georgia Organics!

You can contact Shanice by email at

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