softer_rev_tsMISSION We connect organic food from Georgia farms to Georgia families.


All Georgians eat organic food from local farms, transforming our health, our environment, and our economy.


Georgia Organics Believes That:

To Foster a Healthy Environment
• Farming should build and maintain soil health.

• Toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers should be eliminated to protect our air, water and soils.

• Agriculture must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change.

• Food prices should factor the long-term costs to public health and the environment.
To Improve Personal Health & Public Wellness

• All Georgians should have access to safe, sustainable and locally grown foods.

• The public should have a right to know where and how their food is grown.

• Eating organically grown food reduces exposure to harmful toxins.

• Consumers have the right to choose food that is not genetically engineered.

To Build a Sustainable Farm Economy

• American agriculture should be farmer and community driven.

• Our country’s food system should be safe and transparent.

• Farms should be bio-diverse; monoculture production is not sustainable.

• Farmers should have the right to save seeds and restore genetic diversity.

• Food prices should support the viability of farms and the livelihood of farmers.

To Protect Animal Welfare
• Animals should be raised in a humane manner, free to express their natural instincts.


• Increase the number of organic and sustainable farmers in rural and urban areas.

• Increase the number of children participating in farm to school programs.

• Increase the number of Georgians eating organically grown, local food.


1. Public Empowerment: Persuade children, adults and institutions to choose, eat and grow, organically grown, local food.

2. Farmer Engagement: Cultivate a thriving and profitable grower community.

3. Partner & Member Mobilization: Mobilize partners and members statewide to achieve success.

4. Public Policy Advocacy: Advocate for policy and market solutions to increase production of and access to safe, organically-grown local food.

5. Organizational Excellence: Foster organizational innovation, leadership, and excellence to achieve the mission of Georgia Organics.