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  • Food Oasis: The Community

    Often times the assets for building a Food Oasis already exist within a community, they just need the opportunity to join-up, align values, and innovate community-led solutions. Tell us about your community and how you’re working to build a Food Oasis.

  • What is the name of the community? Including the applicable geographic boundaries. [short sentence 24 words or less]
  • Tell us about your community, its unique assets, needs, and how you’re building a Food Oasis. (250 max words)
  • Check off any of these that might apply:
  • Tell us about any existing efforts in your community addressing healthy, local food access, supply, and/or consumption. Pictures are welcome and encouraged. (250 words max optional + upload images, plans, etc)
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  • Food Oasis: Partnership Commitments

    Becoming a Food Oasis is about the process of building a diverse coalition of residents that represent a wide cross-section of a community. Communities need a multi-sector approach to achieve and maintain success, and with that they need a core set of partners who contribute time, expertise, or other resources to advance their mission and goals.

  • Please list out key partnerships, along with the role or specialization they play in your coalition. Include details of their mission, and highlight any programs, projects, or events that align with healthy food access/supply/consumption. We recommend a minimum of 3 organizational partners for this work such as a local non-profit, municipal department, food bank, or faith-based organization. (250 words max)
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  • Food Oasis: Anticipated Engagement + Participation

    Public engagement is central to building a coalition’s mission, setting impactful goals, and creating community-led solutions. Tell us a bit about your experience and aspiration for connecting with more residents.

  • Tell us about past events or programs that you and/or your partners have hosted to engage the community. Please include the number of participants at each event/program. For example, you host monthly education events that attract 25-30 people. (250 words max)
  • Please tell us who may be missing from your coalition or previous engagement efforts. For example, who do you want to prioritize in your outreach efforts as a Food Oasis community?
  • Please tell us about your communication tools currently in use. For example, list out any media platforms in use, or other way for tracking local support. This may include key leadership communication tools to demonstrate potential reach if unknown at this time. (250 words max)