Photo by Anthony-Masterson

Photo by Anthony-Masterson

By Shirley Daughtry, Heritage Organic Farm

Back when I became Georgia’s first and only certified organic farmer, no one really knew what organic agriculture was.


Back then, there was no organization like Georgia Organics, so I didn’t have any technical assistance, education, or marketing support. We are lucky to have a group like Georgia Organics. How I would have loved to have participated in their farmer mentoring program back when I started, or attended a local conference with 1,000 other farmers, consumers, and advocates.


It has been amazing to watch their progress in educating farmers, launching farm to school, promoting local food, and building the good food community.


Georgia Organics has been working long and hard, and now it’s time to support them.


That is why I would like to ask that you join me in supporting Georgia Organics’ $1.1 million, three-year capacity campaign that will grow this crucial organization so that our statewide movement becomes more influential and reputable.


If we want more organic farms and healthy, toxic-free food, then we must support groups who are working statewide to truly change agriculture.  Georgia Organics is our best hope to do that.


Georgia Organics has raised 70 percent of its goal, but those last dollars are always the hardest. Please consider the most generous gift you can make. If you can give $1,000 consider a three-year pledge of $3,000. If you can give $50, consider pledging $150. We are creating a new future for agriculture in Georgia. It’s time we all pull out our pens and seize this important moment.