The Farm to Restaurant campaign’s goal is to recognize and showcase Atlanta restaurants that support Georgia’s small, sustainable farms in addition to providing real opportunities for chefs to access local and organic products for their restaurants. 

By highlighting restaurants that do this work and provide transparency in their sourcing, Georgia Organics hopes to bring further business to these restaurants and ultimately, further business to Georgia producers and the local good food economy.   

To understand your baseline local and sustainable purchasing and to be eligible for a Farmer Champion decal, please fill out this form and we will contact you with further instructions.  

The tiered decals are based on averaged sourcing metrics from a restaurant’s total food budget (2 weeks for every quarter) and will be given out once a year for the following year. Restaurants can receive the baseline entry decal immediately once they begin participating in the program if they meet the Participating Tier requirements: 

  • Gold Tier: 5% Certified Organic (purchased in state) + 20% local 
  • Silver Tier: 3% Certified Organic (purchased in state) + 20% local 
  • Bronze Tier: 1% Certified Organic (purchased in state) + 10% local 
  • Partner Tier: 5% local (*must include produce)

If you would like to hear about chef-focused events were you can connect with local farmers and other chefs doing this work, contact Farm to Restaurant Coordinator Lauren Cox by email at .

*You do not need to apply to be a Farmer Champion in order to attend any of the Farm to Restaurant campaign’s networking events.