Georgia Organics believes that farmers are the backbone of a sustainable food system. In these tough economic times, we are making every effort to support farmers and enable them to attend the conference.

Farmer Scholarships

Unfortunately, Georgia Organics is no longer accepting scholarship applications. We are humbled by the demand for scholarships and the interest in the conference and organic farming in Georgia. As much as we would like to accommodate all scholarship applicants, it’s simply not financially possible.


We are currently processing applications. All recipients will be notified by February 1. Please accept our apologies if you were not selected.


Affordable Accommodations: Farmer Home-stays or Farm-stays

Many residents in the Atlanta area are hosting farmers who want to attend the conference but need to keep costs down. To apply for a home-stay accommodation, or to offer your home for a guest, contact us 678.702.0400 or email

To reserve a home-stay, please click here. To offer your home or farm to a guest, please click here.

Student Rates

Students rates are available for a limited time. For more information contact Suzanne at