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As a special benefit for current farm members, Georgia Organics is partnering with Seven Springs Farm in Check, Virginia to coordinate a bulk order of organic fertilizers, soil amendments, cover crop seeds, natural herbicides, and organic pest-control measures. Seven Springs is the premier supplier of good products for the good farm industry in the Southeast, and Georgia Organics is proud to continue our partnership into its third year.


Why we are doing this

This is a service to reduce freight and input costs for necessary supplies that are often difficult to obtain locally. By aggregating demand and making a single bulk order, we can help our farmers save a little extra on their bottom lines.  We also hope that this program can help to strengthen the farming community around the state and improve information about product effectiveness and successful cultivation in Georgia.


How it works

Essentially, Georgia Organics has arranged to be a local dealer for Seven Springs. We pass on savings to our farmer with discounted member pricing. By making a single order, we also reduce everyone’s individual shipping costs.


For example, if the total weight of the supply order is 32,000 lbs. and the cost to send a loaded truck to Georgia is, say, $1,000, then the price of the freight per pound is $.032. The shipping cost of an individual order would then be its total weight multiplied by $.032. So, for instance, if your order consisted of 200 lbs. of azomite, then your individual shipping cost would equal $6.40 (.032 X 200).


Freight cost per order = (total freight cost / total order weight in pounds) X weight of your order


Unfortunately, the truck from Seven Springs does not arrive with individual orders already sorted. That has to be done manually. As a result, particularly large orders may be subject to a small handling fee. Additionally, there are still staffing and processing costs that Georgia Organics has to offset. We do this as fairly as possibly by assessing an administrative fee on each order. In the past this has been about 9% of the total product cost. The fee will be determined once all orders have been received.


There is still good news: As a Georgia farmer you have the opportunity to be exempt from paying all sales tax — both local and state — on agricultural inputs. In the past this exemption has been tracked through the Georgia Department of Revenue’s Form ST-A1, or Agricultural Certificate of Exemption, but everything has changed beginning Jan. 1, 2013.


The Georgia Agricultural Tax Exemption program (GATE) is the new certificate exempting farmers from paying sales tax on agricultural inputs. Administered by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, the program has an annual cost of $20 for online applications and $25 for applications processed by mail or through the call center. Please see the GATE FAQ page and refer all questions about GATE to the Department of Agriculture.


If you are participating in the GATE program and wish to be exempt from sales tax, we will need a picture of your printable certificate or your GATE card sent to us along with your order. A sample GATE card is below.

Sample GATE ID Card


Where to pick up your order

Pick-up locations will be in Atlanta next to the Georgia Organics office, in Winterville outside of Athens, and near Statesboro. Because we rely on the kindness of business friends and other farm members, exact details are still being worked out. Please check this page for updates.


Pick-up Addresses:


  • 170 Ottley Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30324. Contact Georgia Organics for questions regarding directions.
  • 1355 Athens Rd, Winterville, GA 30683. Woodland Gardens. 706-227-1944.


The Process


1. Download the Georgia Organics Farm Supply Order Form.


2. Identify what you want to order and how much. Click on the link to the Seven Springs Farm Catalog to view product availability and pricing. In most cases, you will receive the lowest price listed regardless of quantity.


3. Enter your order on the form you downloaded in step #1. Make sure that the item name in your form matches the item name in the Seven Springs Catalog. As Seven Springs often carries certain items in different sizes, double-check to confirm you are ordering the size and quantity you want. We will process orders as they are written.


Email your order as an attachment to Please put FARM SUPPLY in the subject line of the email. Don’t forget to send proof of your participation in GATE as well. And please, please ensure that the form is complete, especially the correct credit card and payment address information.


Due to the hectic nature of everybody’s life, all orders must be made by JANUARY 30.


4. You will receive the total price of your order (product prices + shipping cost + administrative fee) by Feb. 4. There will be very little, if any, leeway on extensions since we must receive all orders to determine shipping and handling costs.


5. Once you confirm the price of your total order, your payment will be due to Georgia Organics no later than Feb. 8. Only credit or debit cards will be accepted. Your card number and security code are required on the order form, and your card will not be processed until you have seen and agreed to the final price. Georgia Organics can only accept VISA, Mastercard, and Discover.


6. Shipment will take place on Feb. 11, with pick-up shortly thereafter. Again, the three pick-up locations will be in Atlanta, the Athens area and near Statesboro, respectively. See the addresses listed above. Times and other details to be added.


7. Finally, some important things to keep in mind. If you are making a very large order, it might be in your better interest to make an individual order from Seven Springs and have it delivered directly to your farm. As a general rule, very large orders in the Georgia Organics bulk farm supply don’t save farmers money. Instead, they can end up creating an additional freight cost to move the product from our drop-point to your farm. Check with us if you have questions.


Secondly, all of our dates are as firm as possible. At the same time, this coordination is based on shifting circumstances. We have to be mindful of the schedule of our drop-points, the fluctuating price of fuel and shipping, and the ability to contract a truck to deliver in our preferred fashion and timeliness. That is to say, please be aware that certain details, especially logistics, could be modified as the situation demands.


In the event of any such modifications, this page will be updated, and emails will be sent to Supply Order participants.


If you have any questions, please call or email Donn Cooper at 678-702-0400 or Our fax number is 678-702-0401.