The Georgia Organics Farm to School team has a catalogue of tested workshops available to Georgia educators, school nutrition staff, early care providers, parents, farmers, and community members. Georgia Organics Farm to School Workshops are available to both public and private schools and learning centers.

Scholarships: Thanks to our generous funders, participants from Golden Radish Award winning districts are eligible for scholarships that dramatically reduce costs. Participants from non-Golden Radish districts may also be eligible for scholarships.

Personalized Workshops: All of our available workshops take into consideration the unique resources and challenges of the host site. If your school or center has specific needs not covered in an available workshop or you would like to mix and match workshop options, please reach out to our team about creating a personalized workshop.

Workshops for K-12 Educators, Administrators, Support Staff, Parents, and Caregivers

Our k-12 workshops are based off of the Golden Radish Award criteria to assist educators, administrators, support staff, and parents in reaching farm to school goals related to curriculum, school gardens, community engagement, taste tests, cooking with kids, and more.

 Contact Farm to School Director Kimberly Della Donna at for more information.