Fundamentals of Organic Farming and Gardening: an Instructor’s Guide

Unit Overview
Soil is managed to enhance the soil life.  Factors which can be managed are soil air, soil water, soil organic matter, and soil minerals.  Proper use of tillage is the most important factor in managing soil.

Lesson Text
Lesson Plans

Teacher Demonstrations
1. Gas diffusion
2. Cohesion
3. Capillary action
4. Absorption
5. Moisture content of soil
6. Tillage implements

Crystal Organic Farm Video
Focus Questions

Student Experiments and Activities
1. Collecting Soil Organisms
2. Soil Temperature Variations
3. Crust Formation
4. Percolation
5. Rate Of Decomposition
6. Soil Organic Matter
7. Soil Tests
8. Double Digging*
9. Fertility of Organic Amendments
10. Guidelines for Estimating Soil Moisture Conditions
11. The Touch and Feel Method of Soil Moisture Conditions

*Demonstration plot activities

Power Point Presentations
1. Unit Presentation
2. Essential nutrients of plants
3. SoilSampleAnalysis
4. Double digging