Fundamentals of Organic Farming and Gardening: an Instructor’s Guide

Unit overview
Preventing crop loss from any factor is the goal of crop management.  The basis of a good crop management system is good soil that produces healthy plants.  Once that is established, controls for insects, disease and weeds can be used on an as-needed basis as they interfere with production of the crop.

Lesson Text
Lesson Plans

Teacher Demonstrations
1. Demonstration of chemical insecticide containers
2. Demonstration of floating row cover, Bt, garlic spray, etc.


Locally Grown
Focus Questions

Student Experiments and Activities
1. *Scouting for insects
2. *Pulling Weeds
3. Beneficial Plants
4. Crop Rotation Worksheet
5. Trap Crops
6. Rotation Guidelines
7. Yield and Value Worksheet
8. Table of Companion Plants

* Demonstration plot activities

Power Point Presentations
1. Unit Presentation
2. Life cycle of insects
3. Weed ID
4. Insect ID