We are not currently accepting applications for the 2015 Farmer-to-Farmer Mentoring Program. Please check back soon for updates!


Mentee’s Experiences

“I have read numerous books and attended many workshops in preparing to start my commercial organic vegetable and berry operation on my great-grandfathers old farm. However, I can honestly say that the most productive training time thus far was the afternoon that Dave Bentoski of D & A Farm spent with me walking through his operation and answering my direct questions. “ —Bill Harris, Easterlin Farm, Americus

“This program is incredibly beneficial.  Not only have I visited with my Mentor, my Mentor has also visited my Farm.  During this visit, the first plot for my spring planting was discussed and changed based on soil tests and the lay of the land.  This program helped to instill the vision I have for the 6 to 7 acres I plan to expand to in the next few years.  The classes, seminars and conferences are of most importance, however, that personal interaction with others (Mentors) cannot be replaced by any of these.  It gives you the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice you may not feel comfortable asking in an open setting and someone to reach out to whenever you just aren’t sure about something.  The mentors also prove what you want to do can be done and done very successfully.” —Ricky Brown, Back River Farm, Loganville