Herbs are an easy, affordable way to literally spice up your cooking. You can grow them indoors in containers or outside in an herb garden. Here are some common herbs and their uses:



Great for pesto or garnishing. Plant basil in rich, moist soil where it can enjoy full sun. If outdoors, It can be planted any time after the last freeze, and you can start picking leaves as soon as it gets about twelve inches tall. Frequent harvests are better to ensure larger leaves. 

Recipe: Pesto




Very versatile. The leaves are sweet, and the seeds are bitter. If outdoors, plant your seeds 4-5 weeks before the last spring frost. Harvest dill before it flowers.

Recipe: Dill & Yogurt Chicken Salad





A flavorful herb used in Mexican and Southeast Asian cuisine. Plant it early in the season and sow regularly for continued harvest. Plant it after the last spring frost, harvest it before it grows too high (about 12 inches). Make sure to cut from the stem.

Recipe: Taco Salad with Creamy Cilantro Dressing




Commonly used as a garnish, but very flavorful as well. Plant 3-4 weeks before the last spring frost in fertile soil with good amounts of organic matter and moisture. Harvest once the leaf stems have three segments.

Recipe: Parmesan and Parsley Biscuits