Thanks to Georgia’s warm weather, we’ve got a long growing season, and lots of crops grow well here.

How to Grow Arugula

Arugula has rich peppery taste and is unusually strong for a leafy green. It’s harvested in Georgia every month but the hot ones, July and August. Depending on the state of the seed/plant, you can plant it year round

How to Grow Asparagus

Did you know that asparagus is a member of the Lily family? Asparagus likes sandy-ish soils, and can grow 10 inches ina 24-hour period under ideal conditions.

How to Grow Beets

Plant beet seeds in February, March, and April, and August and September. Plant in full sun or partial shade and a soil that is kept constantly moist.

How to Grow Brussels Sprouts

The weird little buggers grow on bushes 2 to 3 feet tall that take a long time to mature. You’ll need to harvest them before it gets too hot.

How to Grow Carrots

Carrot seeds are best planted in early spring and left till late fall, specifically February, March, April, and August and September.

How to Grow Collards

In Georgia, you can harvest or buy local collards every month but July, August, and September. And you’ll want to plant collards in February, March, August, September, October, and November.

How to Grow Okra

Did you know Okra is in the same family as cotton and cocoa? Okra was first cultivated in and around Ethiopia around the 12th Century B.C. and was grown by the ancient Egyptians. Now, it is a staple of Southern, Cajun, and Creole cooking.