Cooking in the classroom is a great way to get kids engaged with food, and to learn core subjects, too!

  • StudentChefs10 Tips for Helping Kids Try New Foods
  • Chef to School Toolkit: This toolkit is not just for chefs! It provides of overview for anyone cooking with kids of how to conduct classroom cooking lessons, including connecting those lessons to the curriculum, recommended materials, and recipes. This toolkit is based on the Georgia Organics and Mendez Foundation Seeds of Nutrition’s Chef to School workshop in 2009.
  • Recipes from GA SHAPE: These kid-friendly recipes from the Georgia Department of Public Health include healthy versions of southern favorites.
  • Cooking with Kids, Inc: This website includes tasting lessons, recipes to make at school or at home, and videos.
  • Kids Cook Farm-Fresh Foods: This publication is full of activities to engage students in grades 2 through 7 in exploring fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce through direct experiences. Download the whole book, or just some chapters.
  • Kids Get CookingThese fast and fun recipes for kids are all in English and Spanish.
  • Recipes and Cooking from KidsHealth: These recipes that kids can make include categories for kids with diabetes, lactose intolerance, and gluten intolerance.
  • Get Cooking with Spatulatta: The 350 recipes on this website all have step-by-step videos.
  • Fast Meals and Quick SnacksThis cookbook for teens includes recipes as well as resources to help teens learn to cook for themselves.
  • Fight Bac! This website details how you can keep food safe from bacteria while cooking.
  • Equipment for Classroom KitchenThis list was compiled by a chef well-versed in cooking and preparing food with kids in a non-kitchen setting and was designed to be a comprehensive catalog of all equipment that would be used for virtually any classroom preparation. But you don’t need ALL this to cook with kids.