If you’re just getting started putting in a school garden, these resources can help you plan, build, and budget for long term success. This video, although speaking specifically about building gardens for young children, gives great information on starting any garden from scratch.


Main steps to planning a new school garden:

  1. Get permission from the school administration.
  2. Get organized–start a garden binder to record what you do.
  3. Find support–work with teachers and school administrators to see who is interested in participating in the garden and identify parent and community volunteers.
  4. With your team, visit other gardens to get ideas.
  5. Engage students in the planning process and create opportunities for them to become invested in the garden as well.
  6. Put your garden plan on paper, including its location at the school, design for the beds, and a list of crops.
  7. Identify financial resources.
  8. Call to check for underground utilities before you dig.
  9. Share your vision of the garden with others to create even more buy-in and support.

In-Depth Resources

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