Farm to Education and Early Care is an initiative that grew out of the Farm to School movement and encompasses a wide range of programs and activities. It strives to encourage young children to like eating fresh fruits and vegetables while their preferences are still forming. It also encourages healthy choices in children throughout their lives by offering experiences with good nutrition and hands-on education through cooking and gardening. Farm to Preschool also improves access to healthy food at home and in the community.

Farm to Early Care and Education Programs Include:

  • Edible School Gardens
  • Cooking with Kids
  • Taste Tests
  • Farm Field Trips
  • Nutrition Education
  • Involving Parents and the Community

The Georgia Farm to Early Care and Education Coalition is a network that joins stakeholders in early care, food, farming, and nutrition to coalesce resources, support farm to early care and education, and create a dialogue for building statewide programming. Check out the 2017-2020 Georgia Farm to Early Care and Education Strategic Plan to see the initiatives Georgia Organics and our partners are working on and how to connect with available resources and programming. In 2017, Georgia Organics, The Common Market, Little Ones Learning Center, Quality Care for Children, and Voices for Georgia’s Children created the Georgia Farm to Early Care and Education Learning Collaborative with funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. This multi-year initiative offers hands-on education in nutrition, cooking, gardening, and promotion of local foods to participating early care providers while disseminating replicable resources for providers across the state.

Georgia Farm to ECE Partners are committed to addressing root causes of food system inequities as a means of creating viable food systems solutions that combat disparities existing among children and their families.  Racial equity in the food system will be achieved when race and other socio-economic factors no longer determine food systems outcomes. These outcomes include access to food system jobs and opportunities, access to farmland, access to healthy and nutritious food as well as access to good labor practices and fair wages.

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Georgia Farm to Early Care and Education Resources

Farm to Early Care and Education Resources


Edible School Gardens

Cooking with Kids

Local Food Procurement

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