The Golden Radish Award is given to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in Georgia who are doing extraordinary work in farm to school. The Award is presented by the Georgia Department of Education, Georgia Department of Agriculture, Georgia Department of Public Health, the UGA Cooperative Extension, and Georgia Organics. Winning LEAs are recognized by the leaders of these five groups every October.

LEAs are recognized at five levels. PlatinumGold, Silver, and Bronze Radishes are awarded to recognize LEAs with varying levels of farm to school programs. Honorary Radishes are awarded to programs that are just getting started and satisfy at least 1 criterion within the Bronze level or higher. LEAs that satisfy the Gold level for all ten criteria are awarded a Platinum Radish. An additional award, the Outstanding Award, is given to the district/LEA with the outstanding farm to school program.

Additionally, each Golden Radish Award partner organization recognizes and celebrates particular aspects of farm to school success through Farm to School Innovation Best Practice Awards:

  • Georgia Organics recognizes a school district that is working with sustainable and/or Certified Organic farms through procurement and/or education with the Organic Radish Award. Read more about the 2018 winner Warren County School System here.
  • The Georgia Department of Education presents an Award to a Georgia farmer working with school districts.
  • The Georgia Department of Public Health presents an Award for Innovation in Farm to School Partnerships.
  • The Georgia Department of Agriculture presents a Georgia Grown Award to an educator.
  • The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension presents an Award for school garden best practices.


Learn about the impact of the Awards on state wide farm to school activities by reading the 2014-2017 Golden Radish Award Evaluation.

Congratulations to the 84 school districts awarded at the 2018 Golden Radish Award Ceremony!

More than 45 percent of Georgia school districts were recognized for their farm to school work during the 2016-2017 school year.

Carrollton City Schools was recognized as the 2018 Outstanding Farm to School District.

Learn more about the individual accomplishments of the 2018 Golden Radish Award winners and check out photos from the Award Ceremony here.