2014 October Farm to School Month Campaign

Grow Radish Grow

General and Promotional Resources

  • What is Grow Radish Grow?
  • Time-Lapse Video of Radishes Sprouting (over 9 days)
  • Radish Varieties
  • Good Food Guide including farmers, farmers markets, and restaurants in your area who grow, serve, and promote fresh, local food. A farmer or chef from one of these places could help with your Grow Radish Grow activities.
  • Media Alert for PressSend this to your local news outlets BEFORE your event to alert them to something they should cover!
  • Sample Press ReleaseSend this to your local news outlets AFTER your event to spread the word about what you did.
  • Grow Radish Grow logo file–Click on the image below to download the Grow Radish Grow logo for use on promotional materials. (If your browser opens the file as a new browser page, right click on the image and save.)

Grow Radish Grow Logo

School Garden Resources

Cooking with Radishes


Radish Lesson Plans