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Lesson Plans and Activities

Taste Tests and Cooking

School Gardens

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Community Resources

  • Leaf it to Spinach Pinterest board: Pinterest is filled with fun, spinach-themed activities, recipes, and lessons.  Check out these pins and share your favorite sites with us to add to our board!
  • Good Food Guide includes a list of farmers, farmers markets, and restaurants in your area who grow, serve, and promote fresh, local food. A farmer or chef from one of these places could help with your Leaf it to Spinach activities.
  • Farmers Markets: Students can celebrate Leaf it to Spinach outside of the school day, too! Check out these resources to help connect students to farmers markets, including markets that double the value of EBT/SNAP benefits through Wholesome Wave Georgia and markets that give first time shoppers $5 free to spend at the market through Georgia Organics’ My Market Club.


How to Grow and Harvest Spinach

Planting Spinach with Becky Griffin of the UGA Cooperative Extension

Bright Ideas for Taste Test Success

Spinach Hummus

Spinach Yogurt Dip

Spinach Brownies

Spinach Pesto

Spinach Muffins

Spinach Pesto Pizza