When you serve local, fresh, amazingly-delicious foods, you want kids to eat it! As one school nutrition director puts it, “We want healthy kids, not healthy trashcans.” Help insure that good food really gets eaten by promoting it. Here are some tips for ways you can get kids excited about their food.

Promote 1

  • Taste Tests: Taste tests are great promotional tools. Let students try a bite, and they usually want more!
  • Tips for Promoting Local Food: This resource from Minnesota includes lots of ideas on how to promote local food.
  • Video: Promoting Your Farm to School Items: This short video has ways to involve the farm to school community in promoting farm fresh items.
  • Harvest of the Month: Highlight one item each month and promote throughout the school. This example from Vermont include posters, information for cafeterias, lessons tying to the item, recipes and info to take home, and table top displays.
  • Farmer Trading Cards: Farmer trading cards have pictures and stats of the farms that grow for schools. Kids can collect them all!
  • Add It to the Menu: This example lunch menu from Berkeley Unified School District indicated local items and includes recipes for parents to try at home.
  • Posters: Posters, including those that highlight a specific item, are great ways to promote fresh, local food.