Once you’ve got your garden started, you want to keep it going! Here are some tips on sustaining your garden, financially and otherwise.

Brown Middle

  • Planning First to Make Your Outdoor Classroom Last: This extensive guide from the Georgia Wildlife Federation details best management practices for creating and sustaining outdoor classrooms in Georgia, including a list of possible partners.
  • Host a Farm to School Meeting: The best way to keep a garden going is to have the support of a lot of people in your school and district. This guide will help you host a meeting of the important stakeholders to get everyone excited about the garden!
  • Farm to School GrantsThere are a lot of great grants out there that can help fund a school garden.
  • Sample BudgetsThis guide includes three sample budgets for gardens of different sizes. Schools can use them as a guide to when planning and building a school garden.
  • Incorporate the Garden into School Wellness Policy: Farm to school activities, including school gardens, dovetail perfectly into the federally mandated wellness policies that each school district writes and implements. This sample policy provides helpful suggestions and wording.
  • More on Funding and Finding Free Resources: Some great ideas from the Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia!
  • Wacky Garden Helpers: This guide has 53 creative tips for feeding your soil, pampering your plants, and driving away pests.