GO_TasteTestStills_-28Taste tests are small samples of food, served separately from lunch, that introduce a food’s flavor, texture, and smell. Students try a small bite of something, then vote on whether they liked it and would try it again.

Taste Tests are important because:

  • Fussiness about food is a normal part of a child’s development.  Young children naturally distrust new things.
  • New foods need to be introduced to kids anywhere from 7 to 15 times before they can decide if they like it!
  • Taste tests are a low-pressure way to create adventurous eaters and encourage a culture of trying new foods.

Read more about taste tests and watch this video to learn how to host a successful taste test.



Remember to survey students about whether they liked the taste test. Here is a sample survey:


Taste Test Survey


For an even more comprehensive look at taste tests, check out this Guide to Taste Testing Local Food in Schools from Vermont FEED.