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Case Studies

A simple search will reveal dozens of farm to school case studies and evaluations. These are a few of our favorites.

  • Going Local: Paths to Success for Farm to School ProgramsWith case studies from eight states–California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and Oregon–this publication provides a snapshot of the diverse ways in which farm to school is making a difference nationwide.
  • If you serve it, will they Come? Farm to School lessons from WisconsinThis is an easy-to-read case study that reviews barriers, opportunities and success stories. Also includes important topics such as price, procurement and processing.
  • Evaluation Report of Davis Farm to SchoolThis report evaluates the Davis Unified School District in California on how well it 1.) increased farm fresh food in school offerings, 2.) reduced solid waste through a recycling program, 3.) provided education opportunities to promote a healthy lifestyle, and 4.) engaged and provided information to the community.
  • The State of Farm to School in San Diego County: This 2013 report on twenty-four school districts evaluates all aspects of their current farm to school programs.
  • Family View of Farm to School ImpactsThis survey of the parents of elementary students in North Carolina about farm to school activities reflects the impacts of farm to school on children’s choices about food at home.