Farm to school is:

  • A school nutrition director planning school menus based on the seasons.
  • A vegetable farmer hosting a students on a farm field trip.
  • A fourth grader trying her very first cherry tomato in a school garden.
  • A math teacher whose students practice fractions using measuring spoons and recipes.

What is Farm to School? Farm to School is YOU.

Kids learn something very important when they grow a tomato themselves, or they eat one for lunch that was grown by a farmer they’ve met: They learn where food comes from. In our current out-of-sight food system, it’s easy to believe that food comes from the store. Caring for a plant for weeks, waiting to eat the literal fruits of their labors, students learn that producing food is hard work. And a field trip to a farm or a taste test served by a farmer shows students there is a face behind their food, and there is land in their community that helps sustain them. 

Currently there are farm to school programs in all 50 states. See where farm to school is happening in Georgia and tell us YOUR story here.

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The graphic below further explains the What and Why of farm to school. For more information about this movement for healthier kids, click around on our site. You’ll learn what you need to know to implement a farm to school program in your community. If you have any other questions, see our FAQ here.