Federally Qualified Health Centers are health care clinics that will both accept insurance, and work with uninsured on a sliding scale to offer services.

In Georgia, all Federally Qualified Health Centers are housed under the Georgia Primary Care Association. The Georgia Primary Care Association, designated as the state’s primary care association by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, also work in advocacy efforts, improving quality of existing Federally Qualified Health Centers, insurance and medicaid enrollment assistance, and establishment of new Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Find a Federally Qualified Health Center near you using this searchable database. (Note: This database requires a lot of patience but is the best resource we know of.)

In Georgia, there are 211 listed centers, ranging from primary care, to behavior health to vision services.

The Georgia Charitable Care Network also offers a variety of affordable health options, although may be more limiting in eligibility and services. While these clinics aim to serve the uninsured in their local community, they are often run by volunteer providers and could have income eligibility requirements.

Find a center in the Georgia Charitable Care Network using this database, and call to learn about that center’s unique eligibility requirements, hours, services and more.