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OPPORTUNITY: Farm to School in Your School Wellness Policy


Farm to school advocates, it’s time to flex your muscle! School districts across the country are updating their wellness policies. Each and every school district that receives any funding through the school breakfast, lunch or snack program is required to have a policy that covers the whole district and outlines goals for healthy food and physical activity.


Help us get farm to school concepts written in to the school wellness policies! It would mean:

  • more kids will be eating fresh, locally grown food
  • more schools implementing farm to school programs
  • more support for our local farmers including opportunities to develop relationships with local schools and students


Never heard of a wellness policy? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Georgia Organics has developed a handy little advocate tool to help you.  Access a handy advocate tool here.


Follow these steps to join the conversation:

  1. Contact your school district’s nutrition director to find out where the wellness policy process is. (They usually work out of your district’s administrative offices.)
  2. Ask how parents, students and the larger community can engage in the process? Are there stakeholder meetings scheduled? Can you submit comments and a list of supporters?
  3. Ultimately, every school board votes on the final wellness policy. Engage your school board member in this conversation now. Don’t wait for the vote. They need to know the wellness policy is a great way to support farm to school in a broader way.


Need more? Here are some additional resources: