For the next three years, Georgia Organics will work to increase the domestic consumption and sales from local organic farms in Georgia to restaurants in metro Atlanta.  


Georgia Organics will do this by: 

  • Working with farmers to provide them with the business management, post-harvest handling, and record-keeping tools that enable them to become “restaurant-ready”  
  • Creating a branding campaign that recognizes Atlanta restaurants for supporting Georgia’s small sustainable farms. 


The dual goals of this program are to prepare more small, local and organic farms to sell their products to restaurants while creating a nudge campaign to encourage more metro Atlanta restaurants to purchase from these same farmers. 

Each year of the campaign, Georgia Organics will work with a group of farmers committed to selling to restaurants in order to fine tune their growing practices, help them with opportunities to meet chefs, and ultimately, increase and strengthen their restaurant partnerships. Georgia Organics will also host events to connect chefs with farmers and their products such as a Farmer Chef Speed Dating Style Mixer and a Progressive Neighborhood Meet and Greet. 

In the summer of 2019, Georgia Organics will begin awarding in-store decals to participating restaurants who meet a minimum baseline of 5 percent local food purchasing. For the Farm to Restaurant campaign, local is defined as within the state of Georgia.  The decals showcase each establishment’s verified commitment to spending a certain percentage of its total food budget on locally sourced foods in addition to a separate percentage that’s allocated to Georgia products that are Certified Organic under the USDA.  

Each year, the culmination of Georgia Organics’ Farm to Restaurant work and the connections made between farmers and chefs will be showcased at a Farmer Champion fundraising event where chefs are awarded for supporting local and sustainable farming models and putting money back into the local food economy.  This event is a celebration of the relationship between the farmer and the chef and their interconnectedness in the good food movement.