In January 2019, Georgia Organics embarked on a Farm to Restaurant campaign to increase the domestic consumption and sales from local organic farms in Georgia to restaurants in metro Atlanta.  For three years, Georgia Organics will work with farmers to provide them with the business management, post-harvest handling, and record-keeping tools that enable them to become “restaurant-ready” in addition to creating a branding campaign that recognizes Atlanta restaurants for supporting Georgia’s small sustainable farms.  

Georgia Organics will accept cohorts each year of the campaign (2019- 2021) with applications opening every January. The deadline to apply is at the beginning of March every year. Applicants considered for the campaign are subject to requests for additional information and farm visits from Georgia Organics staff.  Farmer cohorts will be announced in mid-March and are chosen based on their ‘potential for growth’ in restaurant sales by a committee ideally comprised of farmers, GO programs staff, and local chefs.  

Being a member of the cohort means you are committed to: 

  • Sharing sales data from the year prior to joining the cohort  
  • Participating in a one-day spring workshop at the GO offices 
  • Monthly check-ins for updates on farm to restaurant sales progress and feedback 
  • Communicating and engaging with the Farm to Restaurant campaign staff 
  • Selling to restaurants consistently whenever possible throughout the year 
  • Attending at least one of three networking events hosted by the Farm to Restaurant campaign during your cohort year 
  • Attending an end of year come together and sharing sales data from your cohort year  

Being a member of the cohort means you have access to:  

  • A farm visit and assessment of F2R sales 
  • A yearlong consultation and assistance in restaurant sales development 
  • A one day workshop at the GO offices that covers topics such as:
    • Crop rotation and variety planning 
    • Availability list strategies and pricing 
    • Communications and invoicing strategies 
    • Chef partnering advice and logistics planning 
    • Packaging and harvesting techniques for efficiency
    • Direct restaurant match-making help 
  • At least three events during your cohort year to network and meet with local chefs 
  • A FSMA training course and certification, if desired 
  • Organic Certification assistance, if desired 
  • A free Quickbooks training course, if desired  
  • One year of Quickbooks for free (available to 5 cohort members only)