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Georgia Food Oasis Network seeks to elevate and connect pioneering communities that recognize that food is a powerful tool to unite residents, build local economies, and foster public health. From obesity and dietary-health to food sovereignty and waste, climate change and biodiversity loss to increasing economic and social disparities, food is not only at the heart of some our greatest problems, it’s also a vital part of the solution. The Georgia Food Oasis (GFO) Network is a growing movement of Georgia towns, cities, and counties who share a belief in the power of food as a vehicle for driving positive change.


We emphasize these four key ingredients, the 4 Ps, in developing a Georgia Food Oasis community:


Create opportunities for the community to participate and learn how to eat, cook, and grow healthy local food.


Develop a collaborative of individuals and partners that include cross-sector professionals like planners, farmers, health professionals, businesses, nonprofits, chefs and residents.


Develop partnership, action, and implementation plans to improve fresh, local food access, supply and consumption.


Identify existing or new policies that cultivate and prioritize a healthy food culture.

The 4 Ps help coalitions organize their local efforts while pursuing these eight goals:


1.   Increase sustainable farms, farmers and food production.

2.   Expand number of community gardens.

3.   Encourage backyard gardens, edible landscaping, and urban orchards.


4.   Launch Farm-to-School programs (gardens, cafeteria food, and curriculum).

5.   Expand cooking skills for simple dishes made from fresh, locally grown foods.

6.   Develop local purchasing guidelines, goals and incentives for governments, hospitals, and institutions.


7.   Increase local, fresh food availability in low access neighborhoods.

8.   Increase and promote local food in grocery stores, farmers’ markets, restaurants, and other food outlets.


  • Provide Georgia neighborhoods, towns, cities, counties, and community organizations with guidance and resource support to organize and strengthen initiatives for improving local access, supply, and consumption of healthy, local foods.
  • Create a community of practice in Georgia that prioritizes inclusivity, equity, and sustainability in food systems planning.
  • Elevate and promote the hard work of Georgia’s communities engaged in healthy, local food access.


The GFO Network helps Georgia communities share challenges, explore home-grown solutions, and develop best practices for improving their local food environment.


To become a member of the GFO Network a community must:

  • Have a food partnership plan or demonstration of partner commitments, such as letters of support.
  • A central point of contact(s) to coordinate and communicate for events, trainings, and grant opportunities.
  • At least one partner or individual is a member of Georgia Organics.

Membership in the GFO Network offers THESE benefits:

  • Opportunities to regularly exchange knowledge and offer peer-to-peer support via regional events and communication platforms.
  • Eligibility for conference scholarships to attend Georgia Organics Annual Conference, Biannual Georgia Farm to School Summit, and other partner events and conferences.
  • Opportunities to receive customized advice and guidance such as meeting design, outreach, project design, and event facilitation.
  • Opportunities to receive mini-grants to support your coalition efforts, such as technical assistance, implementation support, and public awareness campaigns.
  • Profile of community on the Georgia Organics website.
  • Customizable marketing tools to build a local coalition’s brand recognition.
  • Increase your local profile and leverage by being part of a state network.
Deadline to enroll in the Georgia Food Oasis Network is Apr. 1, 2019
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