Promoting lettuce before a Taste Test helps drum up excitement. Introducing lettuce through hands-on activities and in-school promotion increases students’ likelihood of trying and liking lettuce. Use the following materials and ideas to promote your Lettuce Try It activities at school and in your community!


Promote in Your Community


Promote in Your School

  • Edit this article to include details about your Lettuce Try It activities and publish it in your school newsletter.
  • Tell all students to wear green on the day of the taste test. The class or grade with the highest greening-wearing percentage wins a prize!
  • Make lettuce a “Mystery Food of the Week.” Give students one clue a day to see if they can identify it through facts about how it grows, is eaten, and its nutritional quality.
  • Play “Find the Farmer”: Hide a picture of the lettuce farmer in a different part of the school each day of the week leading up to the taste test. The first student to find the farmer each day wins a prize. On the day of the taste test, the real farmer could be in the cafeteria!
  • Make lettuce-themed posters and signs on bulletin boards and around the cafeteria.
  • Place table-top signs with facts about lettuce on cafeteria tables for students to read during lunch.
  • Announce  the Taste Test over the PA system that morning to get students excited.
  • Use these Lettuce Facts in signs, games, and other promotions.