The following single In-Depth Workshop will be presented on Friday, 9 a.m. to noon.

Time to Grow Down! Ways to Design and Implement a Fantastic Early Childhood Gardening Program

Starting off a Pre-K garden space, or looking to take your young gardeners to the next level? Join City Blossoms’ Co- Founder and Executive Director Lola Bloom for a comprehensive look at Early Childhood Farm-to-School strategies and best practices. Figure out the best fit for your program, and ways to start providing hands-on opportunities to develop your young explorers no matter what kind of garden space you have. Participants will receive lesson plans and resource sheets from City Blossoms “Our First Harvest/ Nuestra Primera Cosecha” curriculum in English and Spanish. City Blossoms is a non-profit organization working out of the Washington D.C. area dedicated to kid-driven, community engaging, creative green spaces.




Thursday’s Educational Sessions last 1 hour and 15 minutes. The first session begins at 10:20 a.m., the second session begins at 1:45 p.m. and the third session begins at 3:30 p.m.



Our Garden Story
The stories of great school gardens: the beginnings, what’s growing, and how they are maintained and connected to academics.  You’ll also see hear examples of how students are engaged on a day-to-day basis.


Endless Possibilities for Your Garden

Nichole Lupo, the Wylde Center
Gardens can be a great place for learning—especially if it’s thoughtfully constructed and utilized. Join Nichole Lupo as she shares strategies and techniques for making the garden an conducing space for outdoor learning. Tips include: how to manage students when outside, create a structure for outdoor lessons, use the garden throughout the school year, and highlight different sections for garden to focus on  food growing, sensory garden, math gardens and weather stations.


Planning Your Spring Garden
Amanda Tedrow, UGA Cooperative Extension- Athens
Arugula or kale…radishes or beets?  Join Amanda Tedrow as she guides you on step-by-step instructions on what to prepare and plant now for a delicious garden harvest in May.



Starting from Seed: Teaching Young Growers, Eaters, and Chefs
Lola Bloom, City Blossoms

Join City Blossoms’ Co- Founder and Executive Director Lola Bloom to learn strategies and techniques for cooking with children age 2-9, including easy recipes and tools to use. This workshop will provide hands on examples from City Blossoms’ curriculum “Our First Harvest/ Nuestra Primera Cosecha”, with resources in English and Spanish for all participants.  City Blossoms is a non-profit organization working out of the Washington D.C. area dedicated to kid-driven, community engaging, creative green spaces.


Cooking with Tweens and Teens
Strategies and techniques for cooking with kids age 10-18, including recipes and tools.


Not your mother’s Home Ec…Get the FACS
Chef Hugh Acheson and Daphne Bonaparte
Whether you think Home Ec disappeared in the 60’s or you are active in FCCLA today, this session will focus on how FCCLA is a great tool to grow your farm to school program and ways to get involved. Join Chef Hugh Acheson and DOE’s Daphne Bonaparte for a lively dialogue on what’s happening in schools and what the future holds for leveraging schools as a platform for transforming how kids learn about food and cooking.



Growing a Strong STEM
Jenna Shea Mobley, Springdale Elementary School
Learn how hands-on explorations in school gardens and meaningful experiences in kitchen classrooms can expand students’ understandings of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Join an experienced Math and Science Enrichment Lab teacher in dissecting Common Core Math standards, Georgia Performance Science Standards, as well as Next Generation Engineering and Technology standards and discover new ways to teach required concepts in the context of feeding a growing world and caring for our environment.


Cultivating the Humanities through Agriculture
Donna Rocker, Georgia Agriculture in the Classroom Field Services Department, Georgia Farm Bureau Federation
Dive into ELA and Social studies as you explore the “Seeds to Plant” lesson plan. These activities will prepare help prepare your students for their outdoor garden while addressing several subject areas in the CCGPS.


Gardening and Learning with Young Children
Anne Shenk, State Botanical Gardens
Join Anne Shenk, State Botanical Garden Education Director, as she shares garden and nature activities from her 12 lesson unit that she teaches with UGA students and classroom teachers.  These engage and delight young children, and plant the seeds for adventurous learners



How I Found My Farmer
Gabriela Garcia, Executive Director Grant Park Cooperative Preschool, Cleta Long, School Nutrition Director Bibb County School District, Andrea Thomas, School Nutrition Director  Habersham County Schools
Join school nutrition directors and farmers as they share how they discovered each other, and how their working relationship has grown over the years to get more and more fresh, local into school meals.


Getting Kids to Eat the New Healthy Lunch
Trisha Hardy, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
With the new federal school nutrition guidelines, school lunch offers an affordable, healthy option for kids. However, if the kids don’t eat it, it is not nutritious. This session will explore how traditional marketing principles such as pricing, presentation and promotions can be used to encourage more kids to eat healthier. Participants will also hear insights from Georgia’s kids and parents about the school lunch program and how cafeteria managers throughout the state are addressing these needs.


Farm to School Menus
Misty Friedman, Georgia Department of Agriculture
Learn a few simple and creative ways to include local food on the tray, including how to plan out your local food over the month. This workshop will highlight recipes from the new Georgia Grown Test Kitchen, as well as from Golden Radish award winning districts!



Engaging Volunteers

Volunteers can be a wonderful asset to your program, especially if you know how to manage them.  Learn how to recruit, engage and organize farmers, chefs, parents and master gardeners to maximize your program activities and minimize your stress!


Engaging Grasstops Leaders

To sustain a program, you need support from leaders at the top and policies that reflect this support. This workshop will feature ways to engage district leadership in you farm to school program, including how they can support the program through policy, planning, and hiring.


Healthy Fundraising
Lee Anne Else, Alliance for a Healthier Generation

These days, you need to think outside the fundraising box! Join long-time farm to school champion and fundraiser, Lee Ann Else for creative ideas and strategies to fund and evaluate farm to school projects in your schools that are both tasty, healthy and lucrative!